Change my mind

2022.01.26 08:37 Dear-Relationship920 Change my mind

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2022.01.26 08:37 jotam12921 Trying out a new polish company. O.P.I. Nail Envy, Orly Saturated, Alchemy Lacquers Solvent, Essie Good To Go and finished with Orly Matte Top Coat.

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2022.01.26 08:37 butterchicken135 First one

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2022.01.26 08:37 OnToNextStage A good wind is blowing

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2022.01.26 08:37 iamcalifw 🔥 BitDAO Just stealth launched now |Renounced Ownership ✌️Exchange Listing ✅ Audit & KYC ❌ Anti-Dump CG/CMC incoming |No Airdrop | GEM x1000 moonshot | LP Locked 1 year

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2022.01.26 08:37 lgruuude Anyone know if I can take my scooter on the downtown campus shuttle to and back from UCF?

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2022.01.26 08:37 ferreirudo Pensando em colocar que sou virgem no Tinder

Tenho 22 anos e sou Virgem. Tou querendo deixar de ser, será que se eu colocar que sou Virgem no tinder dá certo? Alguma moça vidrada em caras virgens poderia aparecer?
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2022.01.26 08:37 Emotional-Fly326 What is your strongest fear?

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2022.01.26 08:37 DasUberMan First time in Div 1

I finally made it to Div 1 last week and quickly got through rank 3 into rank 2 and since Friday I've done nothing but win one lose one. The jump in class in the ranks alone seems to be massive. Has anyone else experienced this?
I have what I like to think is a decent first owner team but I just can't seem to string wins together.
I'm starting to think that I've just found my level and that I should give rivals a miss until the season resets next week.
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2022.01.26 08:37 Cigarguy2 Since stupid polls seem to be a thing on here

What would you rather
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2022.01.26 08:37 Chaosophia24 Guyyys, is my plant vaginated?????

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2022.01.26 08:37 adiyasa2020 Understanding reality? (lol) (3.4g psilocybin home alone)

Okay, so this was a crazy experience for me. It happened some time ago but I spent days contemplating and writing it down (thank god) afterwards trying to make sense of it. Going back to it a couple of months later it really opened my mind (again), as I had gradually lost understanding of the implications of my insight. I'm not here to make any truth-claims. And I know there are multiple places where I could have articulated things better, and I also know there are places where people would disagree - which is a good thing! It could be written better, and the ending is a bit sloppy, with notes and stuff. I'm here to get some perspective or comments on what I experienced. And to share what I saw. I didn't originally plan to share this, but here we go... Looking forward responds!
At home in my room* 10 min meditation before* 20 min Body scan meditation after ingestion*
The breathing excerices definetly did something to me. The energizing chakra breathing made my body shake uncontrolably.
Thinking thoughts for a long time* Unfortunatly (!!) I can't remember what exactly. All I know is that I saw how ignorant I was of the world – not at all in a pessimistic kinda way, but with the possibility of expanding my boundries of knowledge.
A sub-theme of this thinking was hierarchies and first principles thinking. All first principle thinking can lead to a hierarchial structure. And everything can be broken down to first principles. (In hindsight my hidden assumption/axiom (?)) They were in the background of my experience without me seeing them. Relating this to big data and the potential to create solutions dawned upon me. GIS will definetly play a key role. It's all about arranging the building blocks under a hierarchial structure (computer system; your vision; business context). There is lots of money on offer for those who can deliver.
This led me to think about the concept of computer systems and AI. The code can be made infinitely complex, ordered in multiple systematic layers of hierarchies influencing each other, orders of magnitude beyond comprehension (!) - just like what is happening in the mind.
Life is evolved to engage in the 'material world'. This (reductionistically) requires the machinery for operating in, and manipulating our surroundings (physical), as well as being able to engage in sense- and decisionmaking of the world (mind). We are not evolved to percieve the ‘objective world’. The theory of ‘predictive coding’ suggests that our perceptions of the world does not offer us a literal transcription of reality but rather a seamless illusion woven together on the basis of (electro)chemical reactions (basically drugs) from both the data of our senses and the models in our memories. How is normal waking consciousness any different from other, seemingly less faithful productions of our imagination? In fact, all these states of consciousness are “imagined”. Although in the case of normal consciousness, the handshake between the data of our senses and our preconceptions is especially firm, because it is subject to a continual process of reality testing. Unlike other states of consciousness, ordinary waking consciousness has been optimized by natural selection to best facilitate our everyday survival.
The human body is the result of developed systems of hierarchies – physical in terms of your body and the basis of life; the biological, chemical and atomic framework, as well as mentally, for engaging in sense- and decision-making with our environment. Every step of evolution requires specialization, which requires hierarcies. On land, our body and mind have had 400.000.000 (!) years of brain and body evolution/adaptation. This has provided the structure of the way consciousness is being restricted by hierarchies and division. Both psychologically, physically and the interplay between the two. Psychology is always (!) affected by the physical body and is controlled by hierarchies of value. Everything around us is infinitely remarkable (!), yet we percieve most things as if it was of zero value – the reason for this is so that we can use our limited attention on a few things. The mind is an interpretative structure between you and the ‘objective world’ (!).
The mind is acted upon by a long list of systems which impact you can't even begin comprehending. Your conscious mind is influenced by all kinds of proceses. You are NOT the most powerful actor in your mind. 400.000.000 years of evolution is definetly much much smarter than you are. If you're influenced by an emotion, idea or some kind of complex, you will see the world through its eyes (!!). The facts will then reveal themselves through the lens of that particular set of ideas (mad, hungry, happy, sad etc.). The brief perception of a thing activates a whole sub-complex of associated ideas, that tend to take embodied form through you. You can never articulate these, and some things you percieve instead of thinking. The mind is a multi-layered hierarchial structure of value and meaning. Without these you die! Literally and metaphorically.
How are these hierarchies of structure and value influencing your life?
This can be broken up in a million days. And it is something I am only beginning to wrap my mind around. Definetly a topic from Jordan Peterson I wish to learn more of and have insight into, to try and understand myself better. As of now I only understand the broad outlines of his thinking.
From a coding perspective, how is your experience of reality structured? What exactly do you percieve throughout your day? What things do you engage often with throughout you day? What thoughts fill your mind? What influence does external things have on your internal mind? What function or influence do the things you percieve/think/engage in have on your life on a day to day basis? How can you optimize the relationship between your future goals and your daily life?
Comparing the mind with AI, it intuitively clicked for me why AI systems can never be fully conscious. The fact that they are designed sets a ‘top’ at the hierarchy however complex it must be.
Rationality is extremely useful for understanding the hierarchies of the material world, but it falls short in understanding mind. It also falls short of generating the meaning and values on top of the hierarchies that guides us as humans.
The hierarchies of religion are oriented towards the highest good. God, Allah, consciousness. This is the Truth that is kept within and has given religion such firm roots. The Truth that has been revealed encouraged people to seek the highest good. This is also what societies has always been about in whatever limited perspective it might have. Consciousness is God, Allah, infinty. But the minds’ systems restricts this realiztion by its sets of hierarchies, that drive the biological agenda ie. Our daily lives and thoughts - survival. Truth is transcended of this.
This train of logic got processed unconsciously in my mind in s aplit second. The moment i realized this my minds eye swiftly displayed the atmoic level diffuse and collapse [?]. This made something click in me. I felt like my limited understanding of reality grew an order of magnitude.
I had a deeper understanding of how consciousness is more fundamental than matter. And I gained a much deeper understanding of how understanding reality is not an intellectual excercise, but something you experience first hand..!
Only at this point from the thought patterns slowly emerged what came to define this trip; hierachies. This was the first time I consciously was thinking about them. I understood more and more how consciousness is infinite, and why it cannot be bound by anything or ever understood to its limits. At this point I had been laying in bed with blindfolds up until then. Every time the word came to mind, it became harder and harder to contain it within me. I rolled around becoming deeply, deeply, deeply (!) aware of the biological hierarchies which allowed me to feel my surroundings and operate in the world.
After what felt like a long time I decided to stand up, feeling my whole body like never before. At this point my vision out onto the world was overlayed/obscurred with this insight. I felt like my vision was layered by an infinite amount of scales of reality, each representing a hierarchy of reality at a particular scale. I saw the hierarchies of what felt like all of reality – from what again felt like a highly scientific perspective, at all comprehensible scales starting from the sub-atomic to the cosmic level (!). It was vivid and wild (!). And as I looked out onto the world the significance only got stronger. The hierarchies of the 'material world' revealed themselves. I felt my existence as if constituated of hierarchies. I saw my existence as I know from a coding perspective - without thinking about that way. I became aware of them first in relation to my room, the objects in it, and the way my computer is built and connected to the world. Then in they way my room was structured, and the bigger context my room is inhabiting, ie my home, the area, the city, the country and the world. On the toilet I became distinctly aware of my bodily functions of hierarchies. All of the parts which constitute my body. All of the input from my bodily senses. I became aware of the existence of evolved mental hierachies for the way I interacted with other people, my social relationships and my own behavior. Standing on the toilet, the hierarchies of the natural world showed themselves, in all the objects around me and the things I could see outside the window, down to what felt like a sub-atomic level.
Moving forward I will try to identify these hierarchies. In all parts of reality, especially in relation to structures in the world and the systems herein in place. The importance and the potential of first principle thinking showed itself to me. Find the constituent parts of the hierarcy. Break the hierarchies down to its most basic form, like with systems. This allows you to see patterns and re-arange the parts. Re-aranging these parts are key! Mental hierarchies is the hardest category to define and the hardest to explore. It is also the most important – be aware. Expand your conception of who you are, beyond what you can articulate.
What hierarchies are set in your life? What boundries do these set for you? In your personal relationships with family and friends? How are these helping you / holding you back?
The answer reveals itself through introspection and observation.
Modern society is built around hierarchies of structure, which divide and set boundries the world. The cost of which has been paid in blood - so what is your obligation to justify your position in the developed world?
GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER!!! (Introspection, spirituality)
Your articulating mind is floating on top of your mind space.
Thinking from first principles is crucial.
Abstraction to the point of no meaning is a trap
From the peak all the way back to reality, my ego slowly came back in place, gradually setting in place the hierarchies of the mind. From this I gradually had more and more insight into the nature of hierarchies.
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2022.01.26 08:37 armagerst King's Field IV: The Ancient City | Segmented No Hit run, All Spell Crystals, Good Ending

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2022.01.26 08:37 naza1985 Papa pede que pais 'não condenem' filhos homossexuais - ISTOÉ Independente

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2022.01.26 08:37 YUNG_aGUA i wanna buy a new emblem do i need a specific size for my car?

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2022.01.26 08:37 mike_0123 Any ideas on "Arahant" Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi Thēra?

I don't know much about him, but I'm planning to read his book "The Path to Nibbana as Declared by the Gautama Buddha." Anyone has any caveats or observations about him? Do other people recognize him as an Arahant?
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2022.01.26 08:37 sandeepsony8686 the stabila project

stabila is The strong reliable team will be able to implement all the ideas of this project and achieve success. fully functioning with a lot of benefits of the trading market place. I know this project will be grow in future.
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2022.01.26 08:37 defibaygrim If you want a long term hold that has a utility case, then DEFIBAY #DefiBay #DBAY is for you!

DefiBay #DBAY $DBAY The $DBAY token is changing the crypto payment space for the better. Get ready to enjoy the future utilities that would change the crypto world.
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2022.01.26 08:36 Syrupyam Should I go for GATE coaching to learn core CS fundamentals in depth?

I don't know about you guys but I did not learn any Computer Science in my college, mostly because the lecturers were incompetent and also I was lazy and procrastinated. Anyway, I want to learn CS fundamental subjects like OSes, DBs, Networks, DS etc to have a strong knowledge of Computer Science.
I am a B.Tech IVth Year Student in a Tier-III College.
I can't learn on my own and I need to cover topics fast while understanding concepts. I can spend 6 months on this. Should I go for GATE or any other Engineering exams (if others are better for acquiring knowledge) for this? If other exam's coaching is better for CS, let me know? And if yes, which would be a good institute? TIA.
Tl;dr: Should I take GATE/UGC NET coaching for 6 months to learn CS fundamentals?
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2022.01.26 08:36 MotorOption6600 Tips for studying Hydrocarbons?? For school exam

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2022.01.26 08:36 kyle_master I have never used agar slants and would like to know if I need them to be on a angle when colonizing and when in storage?

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2022.01.26 08:36 ElvenWorld999 🎊📢Thanks to Chairman @Giebel1Markus for bringing us the latest developments in ElvenWorld🔦🛠️

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2022.01.26 08:36 nos2342 Reinforcements needed can you assist...

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2022.01.26 08:36 matt19994 Hey guys, i am opening up two firms which operate under the same name but do different things.

The two firms operate from one office with one phone. Eg Abc realestate Abc developments
My question is - does this make the two firms a group ? Eg abc group
Im asking to see how i should identify the firm over the phone Eg -hi its Matt from abc group
Also, i do not know how it works in other countries but over here we do not need to open a company and can work under an individual's tax number
So these two firms are not registered as companies that is why i am not sure if i can use group since it technically isn't
Thanks for your help in advance!
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2022.01.26 08:36 Crazybluehorse KfW-Förderungen gestoppt: Das sind die Folgen...

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