We were only fwb but I developed feelings. Now going no contact but I keep hoping I will hear from him

2021.11.27 05:52 Lavendar264 We were only fwb but I developed feelings. Now going no contact but I keep hoping I will hear from him

I miss him so much and I know his gone. I was meant to hang out with him the other day but cancelled as he kept saying his scared of hurting me. I thought about it and just felt I'm only going to get hurt if we keep hanging out and he has no feelings even though he was msging things like I want to wake up next to you and I'm thinking about you. How do you move on from expecting to hear from them? I have lost my closest friend, someone who I thought I would travel with and even move in one day
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2021.11.27 05:52 TyquanWorldMessi VAERS ID: 1593474

Shingles; Chest infection; Eye ulcer; Vaginal haemorrhage; Mobility decreased; Eye pain; Pain chest; Pain legs/ Leg pain; Hand pain; Arthritis; This is a spontaneous report from a contactable consumer. This is a report received from the Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Regulatory authority report number is GB-MHRA-WEBCOVID-202108141920090560-VMCG0, Safety Report Unique Identifier is GB-MHRA-ADR 25801179. A female patient of an unspecified age received second dose of BNT162B2 (PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE) via an unspecified route of administration as single dose for COVID-19 immunization. The patient's medical history and concomitant medications were not reported. Patient has not had symptoms associated with COVID-19. The patient experienced shingles, chest infection, eye ulcer, vaginal haemorrhage, mobility decreased, eye pain, pain chest, pain legs, leg pain, hand pain, arthritis all on an unspecified date. The patient's hospitalization was prolonged as a result of chest infection, eye ulcer, vaginal haemorrhage, mobility decreased, eye pain, pain chest, pain legs, leg pain, hand pain, arthritis. It was reported that patient has been hospitalized for over two weeks now. Eye and lungs better but vaginal hemorrhage ongoing. Genecology involved no resolution yet no doctor is suspecting COVID vaccine. Ridiculous with so many other cases. It was reported that patient had been on blood thinners and a range of antibiotics. The events were reported as serious ((hospitalization, disability, medically significant, life threatening). Patient has not tested positive for COVID-19 since having the vaccine. Patient is not enrolled in clinical trial. The patient underwent lab tests and procedures which included COVID-19 virus test with negative result on an unknown date. The patient was recovering from shingles, chest infection, eye ulcer, eye pain, pain chest while patient had not recovered from vaginal haemorrhage, mobility decreased, pain legs, leg pain, hand pain and arthritis. No follow-up attempts are possible; information about lot/batch number cannot be obtained. No further information is expected.
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2021.11.27 05:52 donjohnjohn Efter stikket

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2021.11.27 05:52 ivpst ivpst#1958 Moonbeamizer What's the next post

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2021.11.27 05:52 No-Suspect-4947 Keanu Reeves Has A Dangerous Obsession

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2021.11.27 05:52 Black_de_vil What the hell did I just see?!

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2021.11.27 05:52 LewisM45 [BO2] Shout out to the OG’s still playing this legendary COD!

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2021.11.27 05:52 Minekratt_64 Sushi, I'm 13 y.o. what do you think (swipe) [Homemade]

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2021.11.27 05:52 Fun_Bell_4395 Mystic Being omg...!

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2021.11.27 05:52 Fun_Bell_4395 Mystic Being omg...!

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2021.11.27 05:52 GamingWithAwesome Asphalt 9 - ICONA VULCANO TITANIUM Car Hunt Riot 01:49.598 Top 5% Touchdrive Guide https://youtu.be/MHLYJ4JiU3o

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2021.11.27 05:52 _sojushots What prank you are gladly isn't a trend anymore?

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2021.11.27 05:52 nekkkkbeard Getting busted on rocks

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2021.11.27 05:52 MegaBot51 McDonald’s taste so good and I love Big Macs with the juicy Patty and just overall good meat over there and thanksgiving was so good with the turkey, but I support what vegans do with the stop of the “animal holocaust”😉

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2021.11.27 05:52 Bladebrent How would you react if one of the characters in the game ends up being an original character not from League?

Now hear me out. Yes, there's over 150 champions. We dont exactly need to make a character to fill a particular role for the game or a gameplay niche. I fully understand that using resources to make one characters means they're potentially taking that work from another Champion who could be added in their stead.
However, I also just like seeing the devs get full reign to really mess with a game's gimmicks. No matter what champion they pick, they have to 'transfer' that character in some way, but making a character with Project L in mind first means the devs can really do whatever they want.
I always loved how Persona 4 Arena added Labrys and Sho and specifically had them messing with the characters mechanics by having different versions with different Persona, so I'm 100% down for when a fighting game for an established franchise or a crossover takes the oppotunity to make a character for the game itself. I understand this might not be everyone's view, but I figured I'd ask anyways.
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2021.11.27 05:52 AgentOrange720 How do you guys feel about Navy Corpsman?

If this isnt the place i should be posting this i apologize and understand if it is delete, but i figured the best place to ask this would be with the USMC and not the Navy. My grandfather passed away at the beginning of July of this year and it wasn't until Veterans Day weekend that his service was held. I had known for most of my life that he was a corpsman in Korea, but it wasn't until his service that I found out how respected someone like him was in the military community. My mother has been struggling with his death and I was hoping you guys could alleviate some of the pain she is experiencing by telling some personal memories or tales you have heard about corpsman.
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2021.11.27 05:52 Davi_4 "So what if GIMP is free? My Photoshop didn't cost a penny either"

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2021.11.27 05:52 BadBadBoss I wonder what they offer?

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2021.11.27 05:52 txanghellic Good fos for on the xbox

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2021.11.27 05:52 WurstwasserSommelier MFG

Wennst als MFG Landtagsabgeordneter für den Impfus in Linz stimmt und man ein paar Tage dafür ausgeschlossen wird. Kannst net erfinden.
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2021.11.27 05:52 littlefurybug [WTS] Slumberhouse Norne - 30ml - $120 Shipped (Bottle)

Bottle is about 90% full. Uploaded some pics. Lost the bag that it came in. Asking for $120 including shipping (US only).
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2021.11.27 05:52 SimsGirl400 Is this a glitch?

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2021.11.27 05:52 Sam_Crypto123 Bitgame

Melbourne Victory FC VS Brisbane Roar FC - ALeague Crypto Sportsbook
This match looks like it could be a really interesting one with some good form for both sides at present. Bet in cryptocurrencies on Bitgame today!
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2021.11.27 05:52 NoAudience5308 Looking For Friends To Work On NFT

Hello Iam polo. Iam looking for a queer working partner to sell my NFT Art Design. Iam sure that my design can be viral especially in my country but the problem is I don't know how to promote my art internationally and i dont really know much how NFT works. So if you guys interested let me know on DM. Snapchat : lion_shier | discord : Polo#3136
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2021.11.27 05:52 penbis4206969876969 I (53M) have a lean gut and my wife (19F) wants me to change. Help needed!!!

It all started when I (53M, conservative) first heard playboy carti the first time (my son (10F) was playing it loud on his electronic speakers I believe). I (53M) heard a song called mongolia and I tought "why is this fella singing about mongolia". Later I found out I was wrong (😞). After that song I had to see more of this stuff so I did (i asked my son (10M) who was he listening to a minute ago and he told me about this fella (playboi carti). Then I used my internet explorer to search his name and at first sight I tought to myself "he should be called gayboy carti 😛😂". Anyways I listened to some of his music and realised that he has good (lit 🔥) music (even tough he looks scary).
6 months later and I consider myself a vamp 🧛‍♂️🧛‍♂️ and I follow every step KING VAMP (🤤) takes. I saw him drinking some kind of bright juice so I asked my son (now 11M) what brand of juice that was (i usually dont drink juice so I wouldnt know) and he told me it was lean. At first I got mad (and told him he was a disappointment to the family) because I tought he was insulting my chiseled 500lbs of muscle, but then he showed me his stash. I asked him what side effects are and he told me its like eating banana (I love banana) so I tried some (tasty). Quickly I started drinking lean more and more and soon it became the only thing I consumed.
Now we come to present day. I lost my job as a surgeon (few accidents happened) and I stopped going to gym. My son has become morbidly obese and my wife (19F) is mad at me. She says I need to change and that my belly (big) is the epitome of everything that has gone wrong with me. I told her she can feast on my balls and that this is the vamp lifestyle and she started crying so I put on some music (JumpOutTheHouse) .She tought I was making fun of her so she left the house and took the car (couldnt take the kid because hes too big 😛). Now im thinking about my next step so I turned to reddit for help. I dont want to stop with this lit (🔥) lifestyle but i also dont want to lose my wife (🥵). Can I sue her?
Any advice will be taken into consideration. Thanks
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